How to handle adolescent children

Can you remember when you were a teen, while you were used to watching a cartoon or playing with your toys? But as you are growing up, things are changing. This is normal. Same goes to your children.

In our life, we pass through different ages and experience different things. Our body and mind changes over time. But the most important part of our life was the period of adolescence. It was the most exciting part of our life. We were used to learning different things, enjoy our moments but also, in that period, if we were not guided properly, things could have been changed!

Children at this age need your support; Image source:

As a parent, you need to know how to handle and guide your child in that important period. Let’s talk about it!

Respect their opinion

It’s normal when you will see that your child’s opinion has been changed on some different issues. Don’t be angry or don’t show carelessness when you hear them. They are just stepping towards a new era of their life. Their opinion will not be the same as yours also, they are not totally experienced in taking a decision. But, if you go angry that will make no sense. so, be patience, hear their words.

Be a friend

In this period, your child will find it difficult to take an urgent decision correctly. She could be driven by her emotions or deviated by her ego and make a flaw. That’s why at that period they need an experienced friend whom they can share their thoughts freely. Don’t be late to be their friend.

Whenever you are at your dinner table, try to talk about their whole day. Ask them what has happened. Inspire them by telling your own story of handling any obstacle. Sometimes make fun and enjoy beautiful movies with them. Give them the proper time.

Being a friend of your child is very effective to learn their behavior; image source:

Check their social media connections

As we have said earlier, this period of their life can also lead them to bad things, it’s wise for you to monitor them properly so that they won’t be driven towards bad things. Learn about your child’s daily activities, what social media he uses and with whom he passes a lot of time.

One of the best solutions for this is to become a facebook friend of them. Check their account, follow their activities. Don’t force them to give you their password as this can do the opposite. Remember that they also can have their personal life of interests.

Discuss about their carrier

This is an important period when your child is ready to think of a dream, set a goal. You need to help him. Don’t let their emotions to do them. Give them proper time, discuss those issues. Ask them what they want to be in their future life and what they need to do to fulfill their aim.

You can also build up their entrepreneurship idea. Discuss successful persons who made their way to success. Be their mentor in their life.

Children at this age are very eager to set their life goals and dream their future; image source:

Gift them books

It will be a wise idea if you make them a bookish from their childhood. At that period of life, you can change their life if you give them the proper book which they need at that time. Give them motivational books. If you want your child to be religious, give them religious books. Reading books can influence their life.

Culture good habits

This is the proper time to shape their behavior and culture good habits to them so they can utilize those to make their way to success. Always praise their good works, set them a goal and activities to do good work daily. Make them do all of this daily as a part of their daily routine. When they have done their work properly don’t forget to appreciate them.

Shape your child’s behavior in order to make them successful; image source:

Discuss about their relationships

This is a part of the time when your child may feel excited when he/she sees any person opposite of their ages. Don’t take it in a negative way. This is a natural process. Discuss their thoughts, be their best friends with whom they can share every detail of their thoughts. It’s also necessary to check them if they are utilizing this negatively. Your child will turn to normal as time passes by.

Leukemia: A threat to Your Baby

Leukemia is the worst nightmare that a child can have. It’s a cancer of the blood. Your child can be died by that disease. Every year a lot of children is diagnosed with that disease. Children from poor background, it’s very tough to handle this as the treatment of this disease is so costly.

In this article, we will try to know about leukemia and ways to handle this. Let’s get started.

Leukemia is a life-threatening disease which causes death to most of the children; Image source:

What is leukemia?

As we have said earlier, leukemia is a cancer of the blood. Firstly, you need to know the constituents, that build up the blood and from where they are created. Most of the blood is created in our bone marrow. Bone marrow is the factory from where the constituent of blood is created.

If any problem appears that can cause abnormality in the production of blood from bone marrow, then the leukemia results. In leukemia, Bone marrow produces immature white blood cells in a larger amount. These immature cells don’t do the exact function.

when these are in the blood, this also affects the production of other blood cells like RBC and Platelet, which are responsible for transferring oxygen to the cells and clotting the blood after bleeding. The function of WBC is to protect ourselves from infection. As there are immature WBC, so chances of the infection get higher.

Bleeding beneath the skin, which results in the red spot; image source:

What causes leukemia?

Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact reason what causes leukemia. Researchers claim that mutations in the genes of the bone marrow cells can cause this deformity. Some also claim that overexposure to the high amount of radiation can cause this life-threatening condition. Having an inherited condition that can affect the body immune system can also cause this condition. If a child has a brother or a sister who has this type of disease, chances that this disease is also present to the child are more.

Sign and symptoms

If your baby has leukemia he or she will present these following symptoms:


As we have said earlier that a leukemia patient has a low level of platelet in their blood so they are more susceptible to bleed normally. You may have found more red spots beneath his skin as simple rupture of tiny blood vessels happens there.


Your baby may feel an ache in his belly. He can also feel poor appetite and nausea.

Enlarged abdominal organ

It is the most common symptoms. His abdominal organs may have been enlarged. This could be his spleen, liver. Most of the time, the spleen is enlarged. This happens because the bone marrow cells infiltrate into those organs.

Most common sign and symptoms of leukemia; Image source:


Your baby may be anemic because of having a lower level of RBC. the main function of RBC is to carry oxygen to the cells. If there are no oxygens in the cell, then the patient may feel tired.


As the patient has immature WBC in his blood, there are more chances to have an infection of the patient because the main function of the WBC is to protect ourselves from infection.

Joint pain: Bone and joint pain can be seen because of the infiltration of the cells.


The main diagnosis can be done through the following procedures:

  1. Bone marrow aspiration biopsy
  2. X-ray
  3. Ultrasound
  4. Lymph node biopsy
  5. lumbar puncture
  6. Complete blood count

A young boy with a shaved head is getting chemotherapy as he battles with cancer; image source:


The primary treatment should be to control any immediate complications. As the patient is anemic, so they need to be transfuse3d by blood. As they have immatured WBC, so they are more susceptible to infection. For controlling the infections we need to give them proper antibiotics. Leukemia patient needs more blood. So management of the blood all-time when needed is mandatory.

Further, we need to give them chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy. Sometimes, stem cell transplantation is also required. If there are any enlarged organ that is causing severe problem to the child, sometimes we need to cut the organ for the safety of the patient.

Proper counseling and the early diagnosis of that condition can also help your child to live a happy life in the future.

Help Your Child Making Friends

Human being is dependent on society. Social interaction is so important to fulfill our demand and get security. Communication is a part of our social and psychological behavior which enhances our ability to make our friends and build a relationship with others which is pivotal for ourselves.

Our friends and surroundings which we interact more can shape our mind. That’s why it is obvious to say that a good friend is very essential for ourselves to make living. But your child doesn’t know how to have those. Sometimes he may find it difficult to make friends. In this article, we will show you some idea by which you can help them to get good friends.

Mom is trying to help her child to get friends; Image source:

Learn your kid’s behavior

It is very essential to know about your kid’s behavior. You need to know how she interacts with her surroundings. Whenever she meets an unfamiliar person how does she react? Does she feel lonely and find it difficult to share her thoughts with others? Help her so that she can interact with the person who she has not seen before.

You can teach her how she can interact with others who are of the same age. If any guests come into your house who are unfamiliar to her, introduce them to her so that she could easily interact with them.

Try to understand their problem

There can be a lot of reasons why your baby is finding it difficult to have good friends. He may be fearful of unfamiliar persons or he may don’t know with whom he should interact. Your baby may be anxious about something. Autistic children are busy with their own work. Find out if your baby has any problem regarding that.

Then make a way out to solve their problem. Tell him that there is no reason to fear while making friends. Teach them that every child who is as their same age willing to have friends like them.

Help your child to control their emotions; image source:

Whenever they are at home after school, ask them what has happened to the school. what did she learn? What did she do with her new friends? Did she play with her new friend? or tell him a new story? this will help you to know whether she is doing good with her new buddies in the school or not.

If they were doing bad things or unexpected things in school, tell them that they should not do so and teach them why this is not good for them.

Help them to learn facial expressions

Facial expressions are a nice tool for understanding human behavior. Teach them how to express their emotions while they are meeting an unfamiliar one. How to react when they hear a piece of odd news. Learning facial e3xpressions also can help your child to build their IQ.

Help your children to learn facial expressions; image source:

Help them to control their emotions

Your baby is so emotional and he doesn’t know how to handle a tricky situation and that’s normal. Whenever they see something that makes them angry it’s obvious that they would react badly with that. Teach them how to control those situations.

Tell them when not to show anger and when not to react. If they got bullied in school how they should react. Controlling their emotions can also help them to create more friends.

If you don’t do any favor to others you will not get any friends. Teach your child that helping other kids is a work of proudness. A good person should help others and help them to remove their weakness. This will also create the moral value of your child.

after coming home from school ask them how many friends he has helped today. If he helps others praise them and say you have done a great job.

Doing favors to others can help your child to get friends; image source:

Help them to build their trust

Always say to them that they are good at making friends. Make them think that everyone loves them. Build trust to them that they can make a lot of friends if they want to have. A self-confident child will easily be able to make good friends in the future. Building this type of confident will obviously help them to reach their life goal.

Can an HIV Positive Mother Give Birth to a Normal Child?

Every woman wants a child in her life. Who doesn’t want to hear the sound “mom” from a little kid, right? But also we don’t want our babies to have a life-threatening disease that can make their life vulnerable. Think about a mom who was diagnosed having HIV a few days ago.

No matter what her health condition is but as a human being, she can have a dream to have a healthy baby. But can she have a normal baby? Will it be safe for her? let’s try to know this.

A mom having AIDS can give birth to a normal child if proper treatment is taken by her; Image source:

A gross overlook to AIDS

AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a life-threatening disease which is caused by the HIV virus. This disease will attack your immune system and make you weak for fighting against another disease. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to treat that disease. The patient can’t be cured properly.

The question arises when we think about giving birth to a child by a mom who is suffering from that disease as we know that the HIV virus can attack the child in the womb by crossing the placenta, by giving birth through normal delivery and also breastfeeding the child which is often termed in combined as a perinatal infection.

Thanks to medical science, as Nowadays we can reduce the probability of spreading the virus to the child and increase the possibility to have a normal child if the proper technique has been followed. let us figure it out.

Proper treatment plan and multidimensional approach can make it safe to have a normal child; image source:

Don’t forget to have an HIV test before pregnancy

At first, you need to know whether you are suffering from AIDS or not. For that reason, you need to be tested. HIV test is usually done by doing two methods, one is checking the viral load and another is by measuring your CD4 count. Both of these will help to justify your health condition towards HIV.

If you are diagnosed with HIV positive, then the multidimensional approach will be taken to reduce the chances of spreading the virus to your baby.

Treatment procedure

So, when your physician diagnoses you having this disease or being attacked by the virus, your physician will treat you. You need to bear in mind that sometimes you will not feel any sign and symptoms after being attacked by the virus. So the test is mandatory for you to check about your condition.

Check your blood to measure your CD4 count as well as the viral load; Image source:

The main goal of the treatment is to help the mother to improve their health condition in that period and also to ensure that the child is safe.

Whenever you will be diagnosed with HIV, your physician will prescribe you an antiretroviral drug with other combination of important drugs. Zidovudine is the main drug of choice for most of the physicians which will help you to reduce the viral load in your body thus makes your baby less vulnerable to have this disease.

When will your baby at risk?

After being diagnosed with HIV and if no proper treatment is being taken, chances are your baby will also suffer this disease is higher. This chances of transmission of this virus are higher when the baby is exposed to the blood of the mother’s body. So any measure or therapy can not be taken by the physician or surgeon that will expose the baby to the blood.

Follow your physician’s advice when nursing your child; image source;

Normal vaginal birth can also sometimes transmit the virus to the baby if no proper step is taken. Some physicians give advice to the pregnant mom to take the cesarean section as a choice for giving birth to her child.

After giving birth to your baby, your baby should also need to have proper treatment. Your baby will also be treated with the drug-like Zidovdin within 8-12 hours of birth which will reduce the transmission of the virus to your baby.

Is breastfeeding safe for your child?

As the HIV virus can be transmitted to your little one through the breastmilk, so you need to be aware of it. Researchers claim to not breastfeed exclusively for more than six months. If An HIV positive mom wants to breastfeed her child, both she and her child be treated with the drug Zidovudine and she should not breastfeed more than 6 months. But you need to talk to your physician before doing that. your physician will figure out your health status and make a plan for you which will help you to feed your child.

What To Do When Your Child is Choking

Suppose, you are eating your meal with your child, all are laughing and making fun but suddenly, your child stops talking and even breathing. Yeah, she can’t even talk, cough or breath. Just making a gagging sound. Isn’t it awful? What will you do when this happens? How will you treat this choking child?

In this article, we will help you to know the process of handling your choking child and what actually causes this awful condition. Let’s get started!

A choking child should be treated at the right time to prevent a further problem; Image source:

What is choking?

Your baby has a small respiratory tract compared to that of yours and he is not properly skilled to swallow solid foods at his early ages. If one of the solid foods get entrapped into the respiratory tract then it can cause blockage of the respiratory pathway. Your baby will find it too difficult to breathe. This is called choking.

So you can ask a question. Why do babies respiratory tract get blocked after swallowing something? You eat something and then it blocks the respiratory pathway? Digestive pathway and respiratory pathways are different, right?

Yeah, you are true. But for understanding this you need to know the complex structure of the respiratory pathway. when you swallow a portion of food through the oral cavity, it propels back to the throat by oropharynx. This food goes downwards and for moving downwards it has two pathway separated by a cover called epiglottis which closes the mouth of the larynx when you eat food and help you to breathe properly later by opening this cover.

Mechanism of swallowing; Image source:

If the food gets entrapped into the larynx, it can cause a problem in breathing. As the lumen of the respiratory tract is a narrow, the solid portion of foods can get entrapped into this and can cause difficulty in breathing, talking and coughing. As your child don’t know how to throw this outside from this area, so they are helpless and you need to do something to help them.

What to do when your child is choking?

These following things you can do for helping your choking child:

… Grab your child from the back. Then lay his face downwards and blow his back. A gentle blow in the back can dislodge the entrapped portion of the food from the respiratory tract and leave the area. 5 back blows are enough for helping your child to be back on his normal state.

….Don’t use your finger or hand to move the entrapped particles from the respiratory passages. It can cause another problem.

….Don’t give him water. The water can go to the above portion of the blockage area and make the blockage into a large volume, it will further cause another damage to the choking child.

…Abdominal thrust can be helpful to help this baby. Get your fist clear, then Grab the baby’s abdomen below the ribs and above the navel. Then apply force in an inward and upward direction. This will help in dislodging the entrapped particle.

Giving back blows can be helpful for your child to dislodge the blockage; Image source:

How to prevent your child to not have this condition?

These following tips you can use to help him prevent this condition:

  1. Teach your child to identify hard food. As your baby is used to have a liquid meal before so when he is new to the solid foods it will be tough for him to get this. So instruct him in a proper way to face this condition.
  2. Tell your child not to eat and talk at the same time. This may create this condition.
  3. Tell him to play after having his meal and avoid any type of playing like running or doing something when he is eating anything.

Help your child to identify solid food; Image source:

4) Let him know that this choking condition can happen if he does not follow this instruction.

5) Children having any muscular diseases or having trauma in the brain can have this condition. So an additional measure should be taken when you nurse them.

Choking child is a condition which can lead to infantile death if not proper care is not taken at the right time. So be sure you have done the right thing at the right time and save the child’s life.

Are You Aware of These Vaccines During Pregnancy?

Your fetus can get proper nutrition and immunization from you. That’s why you need to be more careful when you eat. After being pregnant, you not only eat for yourself but also for your little upcoming baby. You don’t want her to become underweight or have her some serious disease.

As your baby can have immunization from yourself, you should also bear in mind that your baby can also have some serious disease from you too. Obviously, you don’t want her to get a disease. If the mom has a disease, her fetus can also have it if the virus or the bacteria that causes the disease can cross the placenta barrier.

Vaccines can prevent your child to fight against diseases; image source:

Thanks to medical science as they have helped you to fight against those diseases throughout the vaccination process. In this article, we will discuss those vaccines that should a pregnant mom get before giving birth to her child.

Hepatitis B vaccine

The virus which causes hepatitis, which can cause damage to the liver and also create other life-threatening conditions, is named Hepatitis B virus. This virus can cross the placenta, the main barrier that covers your fetus and helps him to be safe. As the virus can cross this barrier it can affect your child. If you have the risk to have this disease when you are pregnant, for making sure that your fetus should be healthy, just get this Hepatitis B vaccine. It will help.

Hepatitis B virus can attack your liver and causes the death of liver cells; Image source:

Tdap Vaccine

This vaccine will help you and your child to fight against Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis. This three diseases can cause a severe problem if they attack your baby. Think about Tetanus. It can attack your baby and cause paralysis to the muscle of your child resulting in difficulty to the movement. It can also cause paralysis to the respiratory muscle culminating into difficulty in breathing. This can also lead to death.

Pertussis can also be called whooping cough. If your baby has this disease, you will find it difficult to identify the disease. The sign and symptoms are not so common.

Diphtheria can also cause the paralysis of the respiratory muscles for which shortening of breath can be seen in this condition which is really a troublesome condition. When you are pregnant, your doctor will ask you to have this vaccine for the safety measure of both you and your child.

Tdap vaccine should be given to the pregnant mom to fight against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis; Image source:

Influenza Vaccine

Influenza which is often termed to baby flu can also cause severe casualties to your child. Your baby will have a runny nose, headache, fever, nausea, vomiting. Sometimes it can also cause paralysis to the respiratory muscle which can eventually lead to shortening of breath. If the virus goes to the systemic circulation then it can also cause some terrific situation.

MMR vaccine

MMR vaccine is for measles, mumps and rubella virus. Some doctors suggest not to have this vaccine during pregnancy as this vaccine has life attenuated virus in its component. Recent research found that you can have this vaccine one or more month before your delivery date. Rubella can cause a birth defect. So miscarriage can be seen if you suffer this. Measles and mumps can also cause damage to your newborn child. So MMR vaccine can help you to develop immunity against those viruses.

A single dose of vaccine can help your child to become healthy; Image source:

Pneumococcal vaccine

You can also have a pneumococcal vaccine if you are at high risk to develop any pneumococcal disease. Pneumococcal viruses are so dangerous that they can do harm to the systemic level. Such as Meningitis, cardiac problem, lung problem, kidney disease. So make sure that you have this vaccine at the proper time and confirm your babies safety.

If you lose any vaccines that are mentioned above in your time of pregnancy then you can also have them after giving birth to your child. Remember, these vaccines are so much important to have as you have seen that these can cause severe casualties and damage to your newborn child.

Baby Flu: What You Need to Know

Some of the diseases are so much severe as these diseases can easily spread through the air and make someone ill. We need to be more careful of these diseases as these can contaminate others. Baby flu is also like them which can easily infect others.

Sometimes parents can’t easily figure it out whether their baby is suffering from the common cold or this spreading baby flu as these two diseases have the same feature compared to each other. In this article, we will try to let you know about this thing. So, Let’s get started!

Flu is a contagious disease which should be treated as early as possible; Image source:

What is Flu?

Flu is caused by a virus which is called Influenza virus. This virus can spread through airs and can easily invade your child. If you think common cold and flu are the same then you will be wrong as the Flu can be more severe for your child. Sometimes symptoms can be so severe that it may cause a life-threatening condition. So parents need to be aware of that.

Sign and Symptoms

These following signs and symptoms can help you diagnose that your baby has Flu:

  1. Your baby can be very tired.
  2. Cough is more common for this type of patient.
  3. Fever is less common
  4. Runny nose
  5. sore throat
  6. vomiting
  7. Headache

Most of the times this condition gets obfuscated with the common cold, but be sure that in case of Flu, these conditions become more severe. Your baby may have a more runny nose, colder, be more tired and have difficulty in breathing.

Baby can have fever and rashes during this disease; Image source:

How does it spread?

As we have said earlier that the Influenza virus which causes flu spreads through the air so you can get easily the idea that when someone has this disease and if he sneezes or does anything that can easily flow by air, he can easily affect others.

Suppose, one having flu is reading a book and then afterward he coughs or sneezes to the book. If the book gets touched by your baby, the baby can also have this disease if the virus goes through the oral cavity of your baby.


We need to what are the main complications of baby flu that makes ourselves to think about it again. Following complications can be seen if your baby has baby flu:

  1. It can make chronic health condition like heart disease or asthma which will be more difficult to treat further.
  2. Encephalopathy can result which is a problem that occurs in the brain and responsible for making further brain damage.
  3. Dehydration can be seen as the body loses more water for runny nose.
  4. Pneumonia
  5. Sinusitis
  6. The patient can be more week to does his work

If not treated properly, Influenza can lead to severe complications; image source:


A newborn baby has a proper immune system while they are before 6 months of age. The newborns can have sufficient immune protection form their mother. Before 6 months of age, your baby can not be given an Influenza vaccine but after that age, you can have him to this vaccination process.

Be sure that you do not give him any analgesic as these can do harm to your little baby. You can use a nasal spray to help him breathe better.

Advance Home Remedies

the following home remedies can control the symptoms:

Hydration: As your baby may be dehydrated due to loss of water from his body, you need to make sure that he is not dehydrated. So let him drink enough water.

Measure Adequate safety for the prevention of Baby flu; Image source: tips

Nasal Cleaning

He will have a runny nose that will lead to the accumulation of unwanted substances on the nasal passage. Clean the nasal cavity so that he can breathe.

Use Humidifier

Using humidifier around your babies environment will make him be calm and help him to ease the condition.


Proper bed rest is mandatory as the baby flu can make your baby feel tired. Tiredness will lead to depression and anxiety to both the parents and child. Help him to have proper bed rest so that the condition can be better.

Proper food

Vitamin C can help your child to boost his immune system and fight against the influenza virus. You can have Vitamin C in Citrus food like lemon, orange, and some vegetables.

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Sleep is very necessary for the proper development of our brain and memory. It helps us to reduce our stress and to transform short term memory to a large one. So, for your newborn baby, sleep is a must. Your baby may sleep for 10 to 18 hours a day and sometimes, he may sleep continuously for 3 to 4 hours.

The main thing is they don’t know about the difference between day and night and proper sleep is a vital need for your baby. In this article, we will help you to learn some extra tips that can help you to make your baby sleep. So stay on!

Try to understand the baby sleep cycle; Image source:

Follow a proper routine

For making your baby sleep at the right time this technique is very pivotal. You can maintain a proper bedtime routine to make it a habit for your child to sleep at the right time. You can follow the below tips:

  1. keep your baby busy at the daytime. Play games with him/her at the daytime period and quiet all of these things at night, this will let him be tired at night and make him sleep.
  2. At night, stay with your baby in your bedroom. Keep all of the tools of playing games far away from him.
  3. Your baby can enjoy bathing right before sleep and this can help him to have a sound sleep. So, figure it out whether it works or not,
  4. Make night time condition of your babies room calm so that he can sleep in right order.

Feed her properly

Your baby can wake up at night and make you bored by crying. Your baby cries for a lot of reasons but the most common reason is he/she is hungry. So for avoiding this situation feed your baby for the last time before going to bed. If your baby is too small then breastfeed her before going to bed. Feeding her at bedtime will help her to get sound sleep.

Feed your baby before going to sleep; Image source:

Make her sleep fun!

your child is indeed very emotional at this stage. Think of putting yourself on their side. Suppose, you were having fun or playing games or watching your favorite cartoon on TV, at the meanwhile, your mom came and told you to get in your bed.

Why would you listen to her at that age? So make your little one’s sleep more fun. Take her to bed and talk to her, play with her or read a funny book. This will help her to get sleep.

Changing baby’s diaper

Your baby won’t like it to have his diaper wet when he gets awaken after a sound sleep, right? When your baby gets awaken from his sleep and you need to nurse him, then after nursing change his diaper. This will make him sleep properly. hanging the diaper at night before going to sleep is not preferable as it can make your baby get it difficult to cope with that.

Change your baby’s diaper strategically; Image source:

Preparation for sleep

Help him to get sleep by keeping the environment calm. You can use a sound background to get him to sleep. Keep his bed soft and use a particular size pillow for him. It’s easy to understand that the bed where your baby sleep should not be same as your bed. It will be good if you use a separate bed for your baby.

preparing your baby for sleeping is a good technique to get him a sound sleep; Image source:

Prevent factors that awake your baby

Your baby can easily be awakened by hearing a sound or noise. He can also awaken if you swaddle him at the mid-time when he sleeps. So try to ensure a suited environment for him. don’t make any noise or create any condition that can make it hard for him to sleep.

Help him to sleep by his own

this is very much important for you. As your baby is growing up you need to teach him how to take a nap on his own. For that reason, you can make him drowsy but keep awakened. Think, you set him down in his crab and after some minutes he wakes up and cries as he sees no-one by his side. This is not worthy to him. So make him drowsy and lay him on his bed, then stay beside your baby and let him sleep by his own.

Premature Birth: Why It Happens

Once the premature birth of the infant was the main leading cause of the death of an infant. Every year a lot of infants have died with this condition. Some of them suffer physical and mental disability in their later life.

Minimum 37 week is necessary for giving birth to your child but if the baby is born before 37 weeks then it is called premature birth. It’s honest to say that as a mother you don’t wanna give birth to a premature child. So for your education, we will try to figure out the pros and cons and every detail of premature birth in this article. So let’s get started!

Premature birth is the main leading cause of infantile death. Image source:

Symptoms that show your baby as premature

The most common symptoms that prove that your baby is premature are the following:

  1. your baby will not have proper weight as like as a normal infant.
  2. your baby may be thinner and his physical condition will not be so good.
  3. His shape of the body will be small.
  4. All of his body can be covered with thin hair.
  5. Size of the head will be large compared to other sites of the body.
  6. He will not be able to have your breast milk properly.

Pregnant mom can be responsible for their premature baby birth; Image source:

Who are at risk?

The baby can be premature if the pregnant mom have the following problems:

  1. If the mother is overweight or underweight during pregnancy.
  2. Any infection that can spread through the placenta to the fetus.
  3. If the pregnant mom has any bad habit like smoking or taking alcohol
  4. Problem with the uterus, vagina, birth canal.
  5. If the mom had given birth to any premature child before.
  6. Having twins at the same time.
  7. Not properly having good nutrition at the time of pregnancy.
  8. multiple abortions.


The newborn baby can have severe complications if he is premature. These are:

Respiratory problem

Due to premature birth, the baby can have a respiratory problem as there can be a lack of lung surfactants which will lead to severe respiratory distress.

Heart problems

The most common heart problems that a premature baby may have is called patent ductus arteriosus which is a persistent communication between the Aorta of heart and the pulmonary artery which leads to murmur and heart failure in future.

Anatomical interpretation of Patent Ductus Arteriosus; image source:

Problem in temperature management

As the premature baby doesn’t have sufficient fat in their body they can’t easily generate heat by lipolysis procedure which results in hypothermia. Additional heat is required to fulfill their body heat demand. Hypothermia can lead to breathing difficulty and other life-threatening conditions.

Brain problem

Intraventricular hemorrhage can cause the severe life-threatening condition to a premature baby. Early birth of a baby can have such a negative impact on their brain and it further will affect brain development.

Gastrointestinal problem

Gastrointestinal problem is one of the most common problems that a premature baby suffers. Most of the premature babies suffer this kind of problem as their lining of the intestinal cavity has a damaged environment which can lead to a further problem.

Metabolism problem

Premature babies often have a problem with their metabolism as they have a shortage of glucose storage compared to than that of a normal infant. Glucose is necessary for our cell, especially for the brain. But premature babies have not this nutrient at a sufficient level.

Vision problem

Premature babies also suffer visionary problem as the blood vessels of eye swell and create problem in a light-sensitive area of the retina which is the main functional area for processing visual information.

Severe life threatening condition can arise for premature birth; Image source:


As we have mentioned earlier that who are at risk of developing premature condition to their birth, we need to give focus on those things to avoid this type of condition. Make sure that pregnant mom has proper nutrition at the time of her pregnancy.

Any bad habit like smoking, consuming the alcohol should be avoided at that period. For controlling infection, pregnant mom should have the proper vaccine at the right time. During that period, proper follow-up maintenance to the physician is also vital.

Your doctor will check you up and let you know if there is any problem regarding that issue. So, always keep proper follow up to your physician and be up to date.

Cleft Palate: A Terrific Nightmare for Your Child

You had a great dream once that your baby would look like an angel of heaven. Everyone would be so busy to take her on their lap. She would get heartening affection from all of her relatives.

Whenever you would look on the face of your baby, the spark of beauty will blow your mind and so on. But dreams have become a nightmare after seeing the damage in her face. The palate of your baby has divided into two parts. She can’t eat properly.

Can’t drink your breast milk as it goes upward towards her nasal cavity and makes her effort to breath difficult. You are so much bewildered thinking about your baby’s future, right? Well, don’t be tensed. Baby care is now by your side. We will tell you how to handle this defect and help your baby to get her normal appearance. So, stay on!

Cleft lip and palate can impose a negative impact on your child; Image source:

What is Cleft palate?

When you look on your oral cavity you can easily see and feel that on the roof of your mouth, there are two structures. Anterior, you can see the hard structure which is called hard palate and posterior, you can see a soft structure called soft palate. These two structures have a lot of functions.

But the main functions they provide to you is that they provide a good seal between your oral cavity and the upper structure. Above your oral cavity, there are maxillary sinus and nasal cavity.

This palate develops when you are at your mom’s womb. But if any problem occurs in the development, then the palate can not be fully united leaving a fissure on it which results in open communication between the oral cavity and the above structure, This palate is known as cleft palate.

Anatomical interpretation of developing cleft lip with palate; Image source:

Problems that arise when your baby suffers this

When your baby suffers this condition he may have a severe problem regarding that issue. Cleft palate sometimes is associated with cleft lip, a furcation on the lip of your baby may create following problems to your baby –

  1. A most common problem will be observed while feeding. As this opening may leave an open communication between the oral cavity and nasal cavity, your baby will find it difficult to have your milk properly because the food, milk will propel to the nasal cavity during feeding.
  2. The swelling problem may arise because the soft palate helps in swelling.
  3. Difficulty in speech is common here.
  4. Teeth development will not get their proper motion. The teeth will be arranged haphazardly in the oral cavity which will later develop severe kind of malocclusion.
  5. A breathing problem may arise.

Cleft lip and cleft palate can lead to severe deformity; Image source:

Who are at risk?

The following children will be at risk for developing cleft palate:

  1. If the baby’s family member has this condition before, it can be said that it has become a genetic problem. So familial predisposition is one of the common risk factors.
  2. If the pregnant mom has a bad habit like smoking, taking alcohol then her child also can develop this.
  3. If the mom having any endocrine diseases like diabetes, chances are that her baby will develop a cleft palate. But this will not be true every time.

How to treat this condition?

Treatments of this condition are mostly based on the surgical method. For surgery, the team management should be necessary because treating cleft lip and palate is very difficult as many factors should be considered here. Anaesthesiologist, orthodontists, plastic surgeons having great skill should operate here.

Surgical approach of a patient having cleft palate; Image source:

Cleft lip and palate should be operated by surgery when the baby is at his 6 and 12 months old respectively. Proper speech therapy and also audio therapy should be needed here as this condition leads problem in these sites also.

As the patient is a child, behavior management before surgery is required by some techniques. Parent counseling is also necessary here. Psychological therapy has also importance here.

Orthodontists will help your child to have his teeth in a properly arranged way and plastic surgeon will look on the aesthetic demand of the patient. Through proper handling and management of the patient, the whole surgery and treatment will come into success.