Leukemia: A threat to Your Baby

Every year a lot of children is diagnosed with that disease. For children coming from the poor background, it’s very tough to handle this as the treatment of this disease is so costly.

Help Your Child Making Friends

There can be a lot of reasons why your baby is finding it difficult to have good friends. He may be fearful of unfamiliar persons or he may don’t know with whom he should interact.

Can an HIV Positive Mother Give Birth to a Normal Child?

Think about a mom who was diagnosed having HIV a few days ago. No matter what she has done before but as a human being, she can have a dream to have a healthy baby. But can she have a normal baby? will it be safe for her?

What To Do When Your Child is Choking

Suppose, you are eating your meal with your child, all are laughing and making fun but suddenly, your child stops talking and even breathing. Yeah, she can’t even talk, cough or breath. Just making a gagging sound. Isn’t it awful?

Are You Aware of These Vaccines During Pregnancy?

As your baby can have immunization from yourself, you should also bear in mind that your baby can also have some serious disease from you too

Premature Birth: Why It Happens

Minimum 37 week is necessary for giving birth to your child but if the baby is born before 37 weeks then it is called premature birth. It’s honest to say that as a mother you don’t wanna give birth to a premature child. So for your education, we will try to figure out the pros and cons and every detail of premature birth in this article