Every woman wants a child in her life. Who doesn’t want to hear the sound “mom” from a little kid, right? But also we don’t want our babies to have a life-threatening disease that can make their life vulnerable. Think about a mom who was diagnosed having HIV a few days ago.

No matter what her health condition is but as a human being, she can have a dream to have a healthy baby. But can she have a normal baby? Will it be safe for her? let’s try to know this.

A mom having AIDS can give birth to a normal child if proper treatment is taken by her; Image source: venturesafrica.com

A gross overlook to AIDS

AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is a life-threatening disease which is caused by the HIV virus. This disease will attack your immune system and make you weak for fighting against another disease. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to treat that disease. The patient can’t be cured properly.

The question arises when we think about giving birth to a child by a mom who is suffering from that disease as we know that the HIV virus can attack the child in the womb by crossing the placenta, by giving birth through normal delivery and also breastfeeding the child which is often termed in combined as a perinatal infection.

Thanks to medical science, as Nowadays we can reduce the probability of spreading the virus to the child and increase the possibility to have a normal child if the proper technique has been followed. let us figure it out.

Proper treatment plan and multidimensional approach can make it safe to have a normal child; image source: themexuab.com

Don’t forget to have an HIV test before pregnancy

At first, you need to know whether you are suffering from AIDS or not. For that reason, you need to be tested. HIV test is usually done by doing two methods, one is checking the viral load and another is by measuring your CD4 count. Both of these will help to justify your health condition towards HIV.

If you are diagnosed with HIV positive, then the multidimensional approach will be taken to reduce the chances of spreading the virus to your baby.

Treatment procedure

So, when your physician diagnoses you having this disease or being attacked by the virus, your physician will treat you. You need to bear in mind that sometimes you will not feel any sign and symptoms after being attacked by the virus. So the test is mandatory for you to check about your condition.

Check your blood to measure your CD4 count as well as the viral load; Image source: ibtimes.org

The main goal of the treatment is to help the mother to improve their health condition in that period and also to ensure that the child is safe.

Whenever you will be diagnosed with HIV, your physician will prescribe you an antiretroviral drug with other combination of important drugs. Zidovudine is the main drug of choice for most of the physicians which will help you to reduce the viral load in your body thus makes your baby less vulnerable to have this disease.

When will your baby at risk?

After being diagnosed with HIV and if no proper treatment is being taken, chances are your baby will also suffer this disease is higher. This chances of transmission of this virus are higher when the baby is exposed to the blood of the mother’s body. So any measure or therapy can not be taken by the physician or surgeon that will expose the baby to the blood.

Follow your physician’s advice when nursing your child; image source; huffingtonpost.com

Normal vaginal birth can also sometimes transmit the virus to the baby if no proper step is taken. Some physicians give advice to the pregnant mom to take the cesarean section as a choice for giving birth to her child.

After giving birth to your baby, your baby should also need to have proper treatment. Your baby will also be treated with the drug-like Zidovdin within 8-12 hours of birth which will reduce the transmission of the virus to your baby.

Is breastfeeding safe for your child?

As the HIV virus can be transmitted to your little one through the breastmilk, so you need to be aware of it. Researchers claim to not breastfeed exclusively for more than six months. If An HIV positive mom wants to breastfeed her child, both she and her child be treated with the drug Zidovudine and she should not breastfeed more than 6 months. But you need to talk to your physician before doing that. your physician will figure out your health status and make a plan for you which will help you to feed your child.

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