You had a great dream once that your baby would look like an angel of heaven. Everyone would be so busy to take her on their lap. She would get heartening affection from all of her relatives.

Whenever you would look on the face of your baby, the spark of beauty will blow your mind and so on. But dreams have become a nightmare after seeing the damage in her face. The palate of your baby has divided into two parts. She can’t eat properly.

Can’t drink your breast milk as it goes upward towards her nasal cavity and makes her effort to breath difficult. You are so much bewildered thinking about your baby’s future, right? Well, don’t be tensed. Baby care is now by your side. We will tell you how to handle this defect and help your baby to get her normal appearance. So, stay on!

Cleft lip and palate can impose a negative impact on your child; Image source:

What is Cleft palate?

When you look on your oral cavity you can easily see and feel that on the roof of your mouth, there are two structures. Anterior, you can see the hard structure which is called hard palate and posterior, you can see a soft structure called soft palate. These two structures have a lot of functions.

But the main functions they provide to you is that they provide a good seal between your oral cavity and the upper structure. Above your oral cavity, there are maxillary sinus and nasal cavity.

This palate develops when you are at your mom’s womb. But if any problem occurs in the development, then the palate can not be fully united leaving a fissure on it which results in open communication between the oral cavity and the above structure, This palate is known as cleft palate.

Anatomical interpretation of developing cleft lip with palate; Image source:

Problems that arise when your baby suffers this

When your baby suffers this condition he may have a severe problem regarding that issue. Cleft palate sometimes is associated with cleft lip, a furcation on the lip of your baby may create following problems to your baby –

  1. A most common problem will be observed while feeding. As this opening may leave an open communication between the oral cavity and nasal cavity, your baby will find it difficult to have your milk properly because the food, milk will propel to the nasal cavity during feeding.
  2. The swelling problem may arise because the soft palate helps in swelling.
  3. Difficulty in speech is common here.
  4. Teeth development will not get their proper motion. The teeth will be arranged haphazardly in the oral cavity which will later develop severe kind of malocclusion.
  5. A breathing problem may arise.

Cleft lip and cleft palate can lead to severe deformity; Image source:

Who are at risk?

The following children will be at risk for developing cleft palate:

  1. If the baby’s family member has this condition before, it can be said that it has become a genetic problem. So familial predisposition is one of the common risk factors.
  2. If the pregnant mom has a bad habit like smoking, taking alcohol then her child also can develop this.
  3. If the mom having any endocrine diseases like diabetes, chances are that her baby will develop a cleft palate. But this will not be true every time.

How to treat this condition?

Treatments of this condition are mostly based on the surgical method. For surgery, the team management should be necessary because treating cleft lip and palate is very difficult as many factors should be considered here. Anaesthesiologist, orthodontists, plastic surgeons having great skill should operate here.

Surgical approach of a patient having cleft palate; Image source:

Cleft lip and palate should be operated by surgery when the baby is at his 6 and 12 months old respectively. Proper speech therapy and also audio therapy should be needed here as this condition leads problem in these sites also.

As the patient is a child, behavior management before surgery is required by some techniques. Parent counseling is also necessary here. Psychological therapy has also importance here.

Orthodontists will help your child to have his teeth in a properly arranged way and plastic surgeon will look on the aesthetic demand of the patient. Through proper handling and management of the patient, the whole surgery and treatment will come into success.

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