Human being is dependent on society. Social interaction is so important to fulfill our demand and get security. Communication is a part of our social and psychological behavior which enhances our ability to make our friends and build a relationship with others which is pivotal for ourselves.

Our friends and surroundings which we interact more can shape our mind. That’s why it is obvious to say that a good friend is very essential for ourselves to make living. But your child doesn’t know how to have those. Sometimes he may find it difficult to make friends. In this article, we will show you some idea by which you can help them to get good friends.

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Learn your kid’s behavior

It is very essential to know about your kid’s behavior. You need to know how she interacts with her surroundings. Whenever she meets an unfamiliar person how does she react? Does she feel lonely and find it difficult to share her thoughts with others? Help her so that she can interact with the person who she has not seen before.

You can teach her how she can interact with others who are of the same age. If any guests come into your house who are unfamiliar to her, introduce them to her so that she could easily interact with them.

Try to understand their problem

There can be a lot of reasons why your baby is finding it difficult to have good friends. He may be fearful of unfamiliar persons or he may don’t know with whom he should interact. Your baby may be anxious about something. Autistic children are busy with their own work. Find out if your baby has any problem regarding that.

Then make a way out to solve their problem. Tell him that there is no reason to fear while making friends. Teach them that every child who is as their same age willing to have friends like them.

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Whenever they are at home after school, ask them what has happened to the school. what did she learn? What did she do with her new friends? Did she play with her new friend? or tell him a new story? this will help you to know whether she is doing good with her new buddies in the school or not.

If they were doing bad things or unexpected things in school, tell them that they should not do so and teach them why this is not good for them.

Help them to learn facial expressions

Facial expressions are a nice tool for understanding human behavior. Teach them how to express their emotions while they are meeting an unfamiliar one. How to react when they hear a piece of odd news. Learning facial e3xpressions also can help your child to build their IQ.

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Help them to control their emotions

Your baby is so emotional and he doesn’t know how to handle a tricky situation and that’s normal. Whenever they see something that makes them angry it’s obvious that they would react badly with that. Teach them how to control those situations.

Tell them when not to show anger and when not to react. If they got bullied in school how they should react. Controlling their emotions can also help them to create more friends.

If you don’t do any favor to others you will not get any friends. Teach your child that helping other kids is a work of proudness. A good person should help others and help them to remove their weakness. This will also create the moral value of your child.

after coming home from school ask them how many friends he has helped today. If he helps others praise them and say you have done a great job.

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Help them to build their trust

Always say to them that they are good at making friends. Make them think that everyone loves them. Build trust to them that they can make a lot of friends if they want to have. A self-confident child will easily be able to make good friends in the future. Building this type of confident will obviously help them to reach their life goal.

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