Sleep is very necessary for the proper development of our brain and memory. It helps us to reduce our stress and to transform short term memory to a large one. So, for your newborn baby, sleep is a must. Your baby may sleep for 10 to 18 hours a day and sometimes, he may sleep continuously for 3 to 4 hours.

The main thing is they don’t know about the difference between day and night and proper sleep is a vital need for your baby. In this article, we will help you to learn some extra tips that can help you to make your baby sleep. So stay on!

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Follow a proper routine

For making your baby sleep at the right time this technique is very pivotal. You can maintain a proper bedtime routine to make it a habit for your child to sleep at the right time. You can follow the below tips:

  1. keep your baby busy at the daytime. Play games with him/her at the daytime period and quiet all of these things at night, this will let him be tired at night and make him sleep.
  2. At night, stay with your baby in your bedroom. Keep all of the tools of playing games far away from him.
  3. Your baby can enjoy bathing right before sleep and this can help him to have a sound sleep. So, figure it out whether it works or not,
  4. Make night time condition of your babies room calm so that he can sleep in right order.

Feed her properly

Your baby can wake up at night and make you bored by crying. Your baby cries for a lot of reasons but the most common reason is he/she is hungry. So for avoiding this situation feed your baby for the last time before going to bed. If your baby is too small then breastfeed her before going to bed. Feeding her at bedtime will help her to get sound sleep.

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Make her sleep fun!

your child is indeed very emotional at this stage. Think of putting yourself on their side. Suppose, you were having fun or playing games or watching your favorite cartoon on TV, at the meanwhile, your mom came and told you to get in your bed.

Why would you listen to her at that age? So make your little one’s sleep more fun. Take her to bed and talk to her, play with her or read a funny book. This will help her to get sleep.

Changing baby’s diaper

Your baby won’t like it to have his diaper wet when he gets awaken after a sound sleep, right? When your baby gets awaken from his sleep and you need to nurse him, then after nursing change his diaper. This will make him sleep properly. hanging the diaper at night before going to sleep is not preferable as it can make your baby get it difficult to cope with that.

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Preparation for sleep

Help him to get sleep by keeping the environment calm. You can use a sound background to get him to sleep. Keep his bed soft and use a particular size pillow for him. It’s easy to understand that the bed where your baby sleep should not be same as your bed. It will be good if you use a separate bed for your baby.

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Prevent factors that awake your baby

Your baby can easily be awakened by hearing a sound or noise. He can also awaken if you swaddle him at the mid-time when he sleeps. So try to ensure a suited environment for him. don’t make any noise or create any condition that can make it hard for him to sleep.

Help him to sleep by his own

this is very much important for you. As your baby is growing up you need to teach him how to take a nap on his own. For that reason, you can make him drowsy but keep awakened. Think, you set him down in his crab and after some minutes he wakes up and cries as he sees no-one by his side. This is not worthy to him. So make him drowsy and lay him on his bed, then stay beside your baby and let him sleep by his own.

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