Baby shopping guide what to buy and what not

The arrival of new child is the most energizing life occasion for guardians. This additionally accompanies a bad case of nerves of choosing what to look for the little one. Each parent needs the best for their child and might want to be prepared when the child arrives. With various selective shops selling kids and little child products mushrooming in various pieces of your city, choosing what should be bought can be an overwhelming undertaking. This article tells you top to bottom of child shopping to make your life simpler.  


Diapers are of various types. Some of you may favor cloth nappies however it accompanies the extra obligation of washing and sanitizing them each time they are dirty. Diapers are accessible for new born. Whichever you like, both of these can be bought and should be bought in bulk. Changing diapers may make you feel like daunting at early days, but as time will go by, you’ll get used to of it—and this baby must-have diaper stacking idea will help you be advanced for the days even better. 

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Bath time

Bath time for your kid can be magnificent if you buy them the right items. First thing first, definitely you will have to have a bath tub. You can find bath tubs available in different types of colors and shapes. Pick and choose nice bright colors for your upcoming child. This will surely give your baby excitement to a great extent.

You can get available bath tubs for different ages from which you can buy accordingly. Not only the bath tub, you will need baby bathing products too for bathing the bay properly and all. There are hundreds of baby washes and shampoos available in the market under various brands. Before buying obviously make sure that the products you are buying are free from all kinds of harmful chemicals, parabens and the shampoos are totally tear-free. Don’t forget to get brushes and combs with soft bristles for your babies which you’ll easily find at markets.

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No option is the best other than onesies for your little one in the initial six months period. These onesies are available for both boy and girl children. It is too much tricky to keep the extremities of your baby warms. You can also look up and pick some mitten and booties are available in almost all of the baby stores. Some of the onesies you can get with mittens and booties for your little one.

When it comes to material, Soft cotton or linen is the preferred one for babies as they are really baby skin-friendly. Once your baby becomes older than six months, you can get to explore tutus (this is for girl kids), and addition to these you can also bag some full pants and shorts for boys.

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Baby wipes

Baby wipes which are readily available make cleaning up the babies an easy task. You may think that cloth and water are your safest options. But baby wipes are wholly friendly and most convenient option while travelling anywhere with your little one. It is very important to see if the wipes are alright on your baby to avoid any sort of allergic reactions.

One more important tip would be to go through the ingredients written on the packet to make sure that there are absolutely no strong fragrances or chemicals present in the products.

Make sure the baby wipes are skin friendly.; Source- Verywell Family

Rocking chair or glider

These days gliders are more famous than rockers and safer!  Since they don’t get tip as easily, so they are parents’ ultimate favorite now. While some of them consider this as nicety than a necessity, so not everyone is bound to get plenty of use out of one. It may be at first for nursing or for bottle-feeding and then for snuggling usage. You can go for buying secondhand gliders too. As usually till then also they have lots of life left in them, so if you find anyone looking to unload theirs, you can snag that undoubtedly.

Babies tend to have sound sleep while rocking.; Source- Child Safety Experts


It’s your call if you are going to co-sleep with your baby or not. In that case you can consider a crib which is something that you can buy for your new-born kid. There are different kinds of cribs you can see in the shopping malls.

Decide at prior if you want to co-sleep or not.; Source- BabyKis

For the very first few months after birth, a basinet kind of crib will be more suitable. But as the time passes and your baby grows, you can think of buying a bigger one. But don’t forget to read out the precautions while making your baby go sleep in the crib.

How to Increase Bondage with Your Child

Every mom dreams to hear the sound “mummy” from her child. Giving birth to a kid is like a lot of responsibility. Huge sacrifice and a lot of easeful dreams make the mom crazy to see and feel her newborn child. Mother and child relationship is one of the most vital and selfless bonds in this universe. In this article, we will look through this bondage and find a way out for increasing this type of authentic bond. So let’s look through some tips and tricks which will help you increase your bond with your newborn child.

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The art of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding to your newborn baby plays an important role in increasing the bond with your child. When you nurse your child by your breast-milk, one hormone called “oxytocin” comes into the scene and does its vital role as it helps you to make a tight bond with your child. This special hormone is called love hormone and really it helps you love your child.

Touch your baby

Touching your baby also helps to get extra respect from your cute baby. Pediatricians claim that after birth immediately a newborn should be get touched by her mom. This skin to skin relation triggers the hormonal variation within your child’s inner body resulting in a deeper relationship with his/her mom

Don’t forget to make eye contact

Researchers claim baby can’t see the world after their birth as like we do. They can’t see the colors clearly. Even for 3 weeks after their birth, they even can’t see further than 15 cm. That’s why try to make eye contact with your baby and be sure you catch him closer to you and see his eyes so that he can see you.

Making eye contact with your baby helps him to know you better; Image source:

Your Voice is Precious

Researchers have shown us an extraordinary experiment where they have claimed that child can hear their mom’s voice at the time while they were in mom’s womb. This is very much important for you to know that your voice is familiar to your newborn baby in this unfamiliar world. Try to make sound and call them by their name. This will surely increase your bond with them.

Respond to their crying

Your baby is helpless in this unfamiliar world as he/she has arrived here for the first time. He/she doesn’t know how to communicate with others. Most of the children do this by crying. There should be a reason for which your baby cry. Try to focus on their crying and get their demand and fulfill it.

Let them feel safe

Whenever you take your baby in your arm, remember you let them feel safe. Try to hold their head and neck. Find a suitable position for them. Always try to make them feel they are not lonely.

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Spend more time with your children

Your baby is one of the most valuable treasures for you. Don’t forget to give them enough time. Maybe you are busy for something but remember your baby needs you. Always spend enough time with them and try to feel them. Be the best friend of them.

Kiss your baby

You love your baby and this is a vital universal truth. He/she is so adorable that you want to hold them every time. Kiss your baby a lot. Your hormone will flash you to the level of love from where you can never be drawn back.

Try to put your phone in a distance

Don’t use such things that easily make a distance from your child. Giving proper time to your baby helps them grow in an effective way. Try to push things far beyond you which can distract you for getting touch with your baby.

Dress up your child with your own

When you see your child wearing a new dress, how does it feel? Does she look like a princess? Is he smarter than a movie hero? We know your baby means a lot for you. Don’t forget to dress up your child every day. This will help you enjoy themselves in their own way.

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Always smile

Your baby looks so cute. He/she is so honest and innocent. They will never harm you. Look at their face. They can easily make you feel better. So always smile looking at them. Your baby will give you feedback. This will help you to get closer to them.

Try all these above activities and enjoy your moment with your child. Let us know how these helped you to get your cute baby so friendly.

How to Teach Your 2-6 Years Old Children

When we were a child, we were extremely helpless. Thanks to our parents for teaching us so that we can live a heroic life by ourselves. Every parent needs to be very careful of their children as they are at the age when they begin to learn and apply it in their rest life. But the problem is, most parents don’t accurately know how to teach their youngest child while they are at their beginning period like 2 to 6 years old.

This age is so much sensitive as it plays an important role in every child’s life because it’s the proper time for them to gain knowledge and make a way to their future life. In this article, we will try to figure it out how parents can make their child learn in an effective way at this youngest period. So let’s move!

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Before moving to the main part of this article we need to know, what ability and knowledge should a child of this age (2-6 years) possibly need to have. Most pediatricians argue a 6-year-old child should have these following abilities :

  1. They should have the ability to tell the time
  2. They should be able to repeat at least three number backward
  3. Should have the ability to differ day from the night
  4. Should respond to their name

So your 6 years little child can be a little genius, huh? Well, but how to teach them to be such type of genius? And how can you start the teaching process when they are at 2 years?

From this very early age, we need to be concern about their way of thinking and the way that they gain knowledge. In this article, we will try to focus on some skills that we want they should achieve. These are :

  1. Cognitive skill
  2. Language skill
  3. Emotional behavior

How to sharpen their cognitive skill?

For helping them to grow their cognitive skill you can follow these following tricks:

A child at this younger age, are willing to know new things that happen around their environment. They will ask you question about them. Try to hear their question carefully and give them the proper scientific answer. Remember, while answering their question, you need to ask the question to them again to justify what they think of it. You can ask them, “what do you think of that answer?’’ “are you happy with that answer, If not, tell me why?’’. This will help them to think of it and gain cognitive skill.

You need to play with them sometimes. Try to play as they want you to play. Suppose in a game, they want you to play as like a doctor. Ask them, “what do you want from me? What should I do? This will help them to justify reality and also this will help you to make more bond with them.

Play musical instrument towards them and teach them how to play this. This will also help them to sharp their cognitive skill.

Gaining cognitive skill is more important for a younger child; Image source:

How to sharpen their language skill?

Children at this age start learning a language and apply it to their daily life. For helping them to build their language skill you can do the following:

Always listen to them. What they want to say, try to figure it out. Help them to complete their sentence.

Try to read books in front of them. Select suitable books for them and speak loudly towards them. This will also help them to increase their language skills.

Teach them beautiful poem, rhymes and tell them to say this to you. If they can do it, be sure you congrats them for doing this.

Reading books in front of kids help them to build their language skill; Image source:

Control Over Emotional Behavior

At this very age, children are so emotional. As their parents, you need to help them to control their emotional behavior. You can follow these tricks for doing this:

Always try to be free to them. Share what happens to you in the whole day and also ask them to say what interesting things they experienced on that day. This will help you understand their emotion.

Set a time limit to them. Suppose they are watching their favorite cartoon show but now it’s time for sleep. You told them to go to bed but they didn’t follow your command. Most parents become angry at this moment but this is not acceptable. You can set a 5-minute time limit and make them aware of that. This will help them to know what will happen after that time and they will make them prepare for it. So tell them you have 5 minutes left and after that, you should go to bed to have your sleep.

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Bonus Tips: How to Teach Them Politeness

As you have read this article for a long time I would add a bonus tip here. This is about a good value called politeness. For teaching them to be polite you can do the following:

  1. Whenever they follow your command try to say thanks to them. This will make them think in a way that following someone’s command is a good thing.
  2. If they demand something from you and say, “please mom, give this to me”. Be sure you have told them they had done a great job by saying “please”. If they demand something from you and cry for having this, let them know they can have this by doing the opposite one, such as they can demand it in a humble way. This will easily help them to achieve this good manner.

Postpartum Depression: What You Need to Know

Giving birth to your child for the first time after a lot of sacrifices is like a feeling that Noone can feel without experiencing this. A mom knows how much hard time she passes during the period of her pregnancy. Every time going to sleep she feels her baby inside her Tommy.

It’s really an unprecedented period of every mother’s life that brings happiness to them. But if the opposite one happens in your life what will you do?

During depression mother needs family help; Image Source:

Today in this article we will discuss in a topic that most of the mothers don’t want to experience and this is about “postpartum depression”.

What is postpartum depression?

Generally, this is a health condition. It happens to a mother after giving birth to her child. Even fathers also can have this type of health condition sometimes. It is a condition where mom can face physical and emotional changes after giving birth to her child which may be due to hormonal changes or for other reasons. Sometimes it may be so severe developing postpartum psychosis, a condition where mom can face a suicidal tendency. That’s why we need to give attention here!

What causes postpartum depression?

Before pregnancy, there is a hormonal uprising in mothers body. The two reproductive hormones named Estrogen and Progesterone gets higher in an amount at that time. But after delivery, the levels of these hormones drop significantly.

For this type of unbalancing environment within the body, moms feel emotional changes like depression, anxiety, fear, swinging of mood. This can ultimately result in postpartum depression.

Depression leads to carelessness; Image Source:


For answering this question we need to know various levels of it. One is called “baby blues” syndrome which is not so much dangerous at all because it can normally happen to mom after giving birth to her child and can move away after a few hours.

But one condition called “postpartum psychosis” need to be focused on as this may culminate into bad conditions. In this condition, mom can feel restlessness, a severe level of depression, even some types of hallucinations, most probably auditory hallucinations. The main symptoms of postpartum depression include the following,

  1. The patient can feel a severe level of depressions after giving birth to her child
  2. Deprivation of sleep is common
  3. Sometimes a feeling of loneliness can occur
  4. Mood swinging
  5. Decrease in appetite
  6. Decreased libido
  7. Tiredness
  8. Loss of pleasure, irritant feelings

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In a severe condition like in postpartum psychosis, you may feel-

  1. Confusion
  2. Excessive agitation
  3. Auditory hallucination
  4. Insomnia
  5. Suicidal tendency

Who are at risk ?

Moms who had experienced some bad things in their past life that imposed bad effects on their mind are more susceptible to develop this type of condition. Even this type of depression can also occur to the mom who is giving birth to her second or third child.

The first negative experience of giving birth to the first child can lead to this condition. Patients having bipolar disorder are also at great risk. Those who are facing bad experience in their relationship can also have this. If the baby has a health problem that can make parents tensed about them. Sometimes financial problems also can lead to this type of condition.

What to do?

So the main question is how to prevent or cure this type of condition. We know mom and child relationship help the child to grow in an effective way. If this condition lies for several months or years this will easily affect the child. So it’s very much important to discuss its solution.

A mother needs medical care in this period; Image Source:

At first, you need to figure it out whether you are suffering from any level of depression or not before giving birth to your child. If you feel lonely and fear of giving birth to your child, try to discuss it with your doctor. Your doctor may help you with your condition.

Sometimes you need to go through some sessions of psychotherapy. Your therapist will try to figure it out in which level of depression now you are and according to the level of your disease, the therapy will be carried on. Your doctor can prescribe you anti-depressant drug to counter your level of depression.

So if you feel any symptom that follows for at least two weeks and gets worsened by time then be sure that you have consulted it with your doctor. Don’t panic because this condition can easily be treated if proper medication and psychotherapy are maintained. Be confident and have an awesome moment with your new child.

Early Signs Of Autism In Your Baby

Parents love their child beyond their limit. That’s why after giving birth to their children, every time they take care of themselves. Every tiny matter of them plays an impact on parents mind. They do care of how much their children cry, how they eat and how fast they show a response to them.

If any abnormalities can be found, it makes them tensed and think of it for a long time culminating the level of inner depression in parents mind. Your child is so innocent and helpless that it can’t tell you what’s going on in its mind and body and that’s why you need to figure it out what’s going on.

A child in smiling face; Image Source:

Today most of the parents complain that their baby does not make any response faster that makes them suspicious over their activity. Parents become so much tensed if their baby has autism or not. In this article, we will show you some signs and symptoms that can help you find out your answer. So let’s get the ball rolling!

What is Autism?

Well, Autism is a developmental disorder where your baby can barely communicate with others, his/her response to any command can be poor and you also can see abnormalities in his behavior or physical activity such like your baby will repeatedly do work or deliver a speech.

A Child is in depression; Image Source:

What Causes Autism?

Actually, the main cause is really unknown still now though some researchers have shown us some of the causes. There are also many predictions here that have not been proved yet. Once they thought there could be some gene that carries this type of autism towards infants but this has not been proven yet.

But there are some risk factors that should be taken consciously like if the pregnant mother takes Alcohol, the chance that her child will suffer this condition gets higher. There are also some drugs that can cause this type of abnormalities if a pregnant mom takes these, one of them is Anti-Seizure Drug which is more common in the United States.

If pregnant mom is suffering from any metabolic disease like Diabetes, obesity, phenylketonuria chances that her baby will have this condition gets also higher. Sometimes the prenatal infection is also responsible for that.

So How can You figure it out whether your child has Autism or not?

For this, you should rely on some signs. If any of these signs you see in your child don’t be upset, just try to discuss it with your Doctor. Having one sign doesn’t mean your child is suffering from this disorder.

Look at their eyes

A journal published in ‘Nature’ where researchers claimed that having difficulty in eye contact in 2 to 6 months is more likely to be diagnosed with autism later.

Baby trying to have eye contact with his mom; Image Source:

They have found in their research that an infant wants to make eye contact at its first trial of social behavior but if it gets declined later at 2 to 6 months old, that resembles your child has a problem to fixate their eye which is the main cause of having difficulty in social interaction.

They will not give a response to your smiling

Usually, a baby will smile as it is their usual reflex to a person who smiles at them and you can expect it in your one-year-old child. But if you see your child don’t smile to you when you smile looking at his/her face several times, you need to take care of him/her.

Alex Munro, 6, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder; Image Source:

No response to their name

They will not respond if you call them by their name. Typically a one-year-old child is capable of response if you call them by their name. But Autistic Child is exceptional in that sense.

They don’t like to be get touched

Generally, a baby will usually expect you to hug or kiss him as they are used to it after coming to earth. But if you notice your child having a problem to be get touched by others and don’t want to have this, then try to focus at him.

The problem in Social interaction

They can have a problem playing with other children even with their parents. They want to live lonely. Don’t want to have friends and share their thoughts with others.

Loneliness; Image Source:

Repeated Behaviour

You can see your child repeatedly do a work that he is fond of. Sometimes you can hear the same speech from him. This is the most common abnormalities that the parents complain if they suspect their child is having autism.

Playing alone; Image Source:

These are the most common symptoms that you can expect from your child if he/she is having this type of condition. I would like to say to parents that don’t be upset if you find your children diagnosed with Autism.

There are many famous people who are suffering from this disorder but making their life brighter than those of normal people. Be confident with your child, try to catch his/her passion and help them to get it.