Once the premature birth of the infant was the main leading cause of the death of an infant. Every year a lot of infants have died with this condition. Some of them suffer physical and mental disability in their later life.

Minimum 37 week is necessary for giving birth to your child but if the baby is born before 37 weeks then it is called premature birth. It’s honest to say that as a mother you don’t wanna give birth to a premature child. So for your education, we will try to figure out the pros and cons and every detail of premature birth in this article. So let’s get started!

Premature birth is the main leading cause of infantile death. Image source: cbsnews.com

Symptoms that show your baby as premature

The most common symptoms that prove that your baby is premature are the following:

  1. your baby will not have proper weight as like as a normal infant.
  2. your baby may be thinner and his physical condition will not be so good.
  3. His shape of the body will be small.
  4. All of his body can be covered with thin hair.
  5. Size of the head will be large compared to other sites of the body.
  6. He will not be able to have your breast milk properly.

Pregnant mom can be responsible for their premature baby birth; Image source: radionz.com

Who are at risk?

The baby can be premature if the pregnant mom have the following problems:

  1. If the mother is overweight or underweight during pregnancy.
  2. Any infection that can spread through the placenta to the fetus.
  3. If the pregnant mom has any bad habit like smoking or taking alcohol
  4. Problem with the uterus, vagina, birth canal.
  5. If the mom had given birth to any premature child before.
  6. Having twins at the same time.
  7. Not properly having good nutrition at the time of pregnancy.
  8. multiple abortions.


The newborn baby can have severe complications if he is premature. These are:

Respiratory problem

Due to premature birth, the baby can have a respiratory problem as there can be a lack of lung surfactants which will lead to severe respiratory distress.

Heart problems

The most common heart problems that a premature baby may have is called patent ductus arteriosus which is a persistent communication between the Aorta of heart and the pulmonary artery which leads to murmur and heart failure in future.

Anatomical interpretation of Patent Ductus Arteriosus; image source: kidshealth.org

Problem in temperature management

As the premature baby doesn’t have sufficient fat in their body they can’t easily generate heat by lipolysis procedure which results in hypothermia. Additional heat is required to fulfill their body heat demand. Hypothermia can lead to breathing difficulty and other life-threatening conditions.

Brain problem

Intraventricular hemorrhage can cause the severe life-threatening condition to a premature baby. Early birth of a baby can have such a negative impact on their brain and it further will affect brain development.

Gastrointestinal problem

Gastrointestinal problem is one of the most common problems that a premature baby suffers. Most of the premature babies suffer this kind of problem as their lining of the intestinal cavity has a damaged environment which can lead to a further problem.

Metabolism problem

Premature babies often have a problem with their metabolism as they have a shortage of glucose storage compared to than that of a normal infant. Glucose is necessary for our cell, especially for the brain. But premature babies have not this nutrient at a sufficient level.

Vision problem

Premature babies also suffer visionary problem as the blood vessels of eye swell and create problem in a light-sensitive area of the retina which is the main functional area for processing visual information.

Severe life threatening condition can arise for premature birth; Image source: mirror.co.uk


As we have mentioned earlier that who are at risk of developing premature condition to their birth, we need to give focus on those things to avoid this type of condition. Make sure that pregnant mom has proper nutrition at the time of her pregnancy.

Any bad habit like smoking, consuming the alcohol should be avoided at that period. For controlling infection, pregnant mom should have the proper vaccine at the right time. During that period, proper follow-up maintenance to the physician is also vital.

Your doctor will check you up and let you know if there is any problem regarding that issue. So, always keep proper follow up to your physician and be up to date.

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